Red Alert Navigation

At times, it is important to know where specific red alert locations are in the area. These may range from someone overdosing on medication to a fire to just about anything else. The navigation apps inform you of when such an event is taking place. This way, if you have experience in helping medical issues or are a volunteer fire firefighter, having the insights as to when and where an event is taking place, you can make your way and help out, possibly save lives and property at the same time. This makes the Red Alert application a very helpful application to have installed.

The application doesn’t have any other real navigation purposes, outside of using an SMS message system to give you direct information as to where such an event is taking place. This application works in conjunction with information you receive as a volunteer, so you no longer have to wonder how to arrive to a specific location, as the application runs in conduction with updates you receive regarding these location tips. It just is designed to give you driving directions to such a location so you don’t have to try and input everything into the Google Maps app.

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Maverick Navigation App

If there is one impressive feature about smart phones these days, it is their capability to find GPS coordinates and direct you from one place to another turn by turn. Most phones these days come with stock software for this, but this is not always as effective as options you could find on your own.

But first you have to know where to look. The Android Marketplace, now known as the Google Play Store has hundreds of navigation apps. They vary in popularity and rating, but there are a couple that stand out.

One great example of this would be Sygic. This is often the first option that comes up when you search navigation in the search bar of Google Play’s marketplace. This is making an impact with people because it is a unique map display, showing 3D style buildings and structures. Also by downloading state by state as you need it, you can use offline navigation to save data. Not to mention the app is free.

Another free app would be the downgraded version of Maverick, which boasts a lot of great features as well. It too has offline navigation, but it stores maps based on what has been seen on the application. Anything you have used in terms of maps are stored into a cache for use offline. There is a pro version of this as well, offering things like support for Foursquare and unlimited waypoints.

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g Navigation Helper

Applications spread like wildfire and are used in all facets of our life. Many we use for causal or recreational activity’s, but some we have a more dire need. With an application used for navigation you need it to work. The last thing anybody likes is when navigating to a new location, and your app crashes. Luckily their is a Navigation application out there that will never let you down.

The g Navigation Helper is an advanced navigation tool that is easy enough for any user to use. With Voice-Turn, Drive and Walk directions, Traffic Screens, Off-route Detection, auto-reroute, and updated distance every second, this application will never let you down.

With a very clean and sleek interface menu, this application is very easy to learn. Everything is laid out in nice bold and vivid font, and the application itself tends to be very ascetically pleasing.

This application is a life saver and a must have for anyone that places any importance on their day to day navigation. Time and time again this application goes above and behind the status norm of other Navigation Apps. With so many features to keep you informed and on course, this application is in a complete league of its own.

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